Simple steps to start your cloud journey today

Ankit Shivam
6 min readJan 31, 2021


Cloud is a good skill to have. It’s better to rephrase this sentence “Cloud is a mandatory skill to have ” . It does not matter if you are a developer , tester ,support specialist or any other role in technology. Cloud technology is going to be a must have skill as most of the organizations are migrating to cloud. At least you should have basic understanding of different services like compute , storage , database from any one of the popular cloud provider like Azure , AWS or GCP . I have listed a simple strategy to start your cloud journey .

How to start your Journey?

1.Build a new habit

I consider learning new skills is like starting a new habit . I came across a great book on habits called Atomic habits by James clear where he mentions The Two-Minute Rule which states “When you start a new habit , it should take less than two minutes to do” . The idea is to make your habits as easy as possible to start . Twist this rule and make it The Twenty -Minute Rule . Start a new habit of at least investing 20 minutes daily for learning cloud technology . Stick with 20 minutes for few weeks and slowly increase the time . I promise you are going to enjoy the learning process .

In the same book James Clear mentions , People who make a specific plan for when and where they will perform a new habit are more likely to follow through . The simple way to apply this strategy to your habits is fill out this sentence.

I will [Behavior] at [Time] in [LOCATION].

It should look something like . I will study AWS at 7 PM in my room or I will study AZURE at 8 AM at my desk .

This strategy has helped me to stick with my habits and achieve my goals .

Once you start studying , make sure your cell phone is miles apart from you . Nothing is going to happen if you will not check your phone for an hour.

2. Choose a cloud to start with:

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AZURE, AWS and GCP are top three most popular cloud provider in the market at this time . All are equally good . You should choose any cloud based on below criteria:

a) Check which cloud provider services getting used in your organization or project .

b) Search which cloud provider has more job opportunities in your area.

c) If you are still confused which one to choose then just flip a coin and select anything from Azure and AWS . You can not go wrong by choosing any of these two.

Now , you have selected a cloud provider. Let’s make a easy plan to start with based on your selection . I have experience with AWS and Azure so I will provide the best available sources to start your cloud journey.

If you choose AWS:

As per my view the best and easiest way to start learning new technology if you are not already working with it is to go for most popular certifications in that area.

If you have no exposure to cloud technology then you can start with fundamental certifications .

Step one : Prepare for Cloud Practitioner exam

You can find overwhelming amount of content to learn or prepare for any cloud certifications . So to make it simple , I will directly give links of one of the best content I have come across . Jump off to below course and start your journey today .

Step two : Go for Associate level exams

Once you have some basic knowledge of AWS you can choose from Associate level exams based on role . If you still not sure , then it is always good to start with Solutions Architect Associate exam. Refer one of the below course based on your interest or existing skills.

Solutions Architect Associate :

Developer Associate :

SysOps Administrator Associate :

Step 3: Make your own path

If you have completed above steps then you can go with professional and specialty certificates based on your requirement . At this point you will have a good idea about your next steps already.

If you choose AZURE:

If you choose Azure to start with. You can follow below path .

Step 1: Start with Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Jump off to below course and start your journey today .

Step 2: Go for Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator or Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Once you have some basic knowledge of Azure you can choose from Azure Administrator or Azure Developer exam . There is not much difference in curriculum so you can choose any one of these two which suits you. Refer below course based on your selection.

Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Step 3 : At this point you will have very good understanding of azure cloud and you can enhance your skills by choosing certifications which suits your role or any role you aspire to get in few years.

Note: Its not necessary to give certification exams for learning . Once you go through above courses , you already will have great amount of knowledge . Certifications might help you in validating your knowledge and it looks good on CV if you are looking for a cloud specific job.

Conclusion :

  1. First, build a new habit for learning cloud daily.
  2. Choose a course based on your experience and follow the instructor along with hands on labs .
  3. If you are new to concepts , at least do the course two times .
  4. Once you have good understanding , refer some test papers . Whizlabs are having good test papers with good explanation.
  5. Schedule your exam if you are going for certifications .

Happy Learning !